Due Diligence Africa

Due Diligence Africa (DDA) offers a comprehensive set of investigative, research and analysis solutions that combine to offer cutting-edge insight into internal stresses and competitive dynamics.

Our company is driven by the pursuit of verified and value-adding intelligence that enables our clients to make proactive decisions that protect their reputations and boost their integrity. We combine decades of experience in the South African risk sector with rigorous attention to fresh developments and environmental volatility to meet the exacting demands made of our clients due to global and local uncertainties and change.

Over years of helping our clients do business in sub-Saharan Africa, we have cultivated and nurtured multiple well-placed stakeholders and experts that assist in gaining insight into some of the most difficult to reach corners of the country.

Service offering

Informed consistently by a ground-up intelligence driven approach we provide investigations and analysis at both strategic and tactical level with deep-dive capacity in high-risk environments. Deliverables are packaged in a range of products customised around client needs of which include:

  • Due diligence reporting on companies and individuals.
  • Executive profiling.
  • Competitor, co-operator and vendor auditing.
  • Strategic and operational assessments and monitoring of clients’ exposure to risks relating to bribery, corruption and fraud.
  • Hotspot identification, infiltration and reporting.
  • Tailored intelligence.
  • Corporate forensic investigations into alleged economic crimes.
  • Forensic data analysis and e-discovery services.
  • Lifestyle audits.


Across the spectrum we can facilitate intrusive socio-economic, social, political and operational insight of competitive and hostile forces in our clients’ markets and business areas. Our experience is centred on intimate knowledge and agility in especially the following sectors:

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Government and SOEs

Our reach is enabled by extensive high-level business, political and government networks, reinforced by tactical community-driven intelligence that ensures the big picture intelligence that underpins proactive long-range risk management.

Who we are

Due Diligence Africa is a black economic empowerment company that seeks to leverage its capacity to maximise emergent opportunities in the sub-Saharan African risk sector. Through our experienced pool of specialists in the fields of intelligence, investigations, risk management and forensic data analysis, we aim to deliver dynamic intelligence-based risk solutions, that will assist our clients in achieving a competitive advantage.

Contact information

Email: christo@ddafrica.co.za | Tel: +27 82 956 1386