Products and services

Reports and analysis

ERA offers high-end reporting and analysis on a range of issues across the continent. Drawing on our in-house political intelligence capital, our analysis delivers unique insight that consistently empowers our clients to develop long-range strategies and better cope with operational exigencies.

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Due diligence

Background and reputational checks on individuals and companies operating in Africa. These checks are vital before entering into joint ventures and have become particularly relevant in light of the implementation of ever more stringent anti-corruption laws and compliance requirements. Using the agility afforded by our independence and networks we look inside your company and outside to protect you from threats from all sides.

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Corporate intelligence

Studies ranging from relatively straight forward analysis of key decision-makers in labour and government to extensive risk analysis studies of entire sectors. Reports are drawn from insider information and are tailored to clients’ requirements.

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In-country assistance

Facilitation services to companies wanting to do business in Africa. ERA is able to call upon a broad range of strategically placed individuals to fast track enquiries and business opportunities. Our networks and local knowledge will make sure there are no surprises.

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Sector expertise

ERA has a competitive edge in the following sectors through its network and contacts across Africa and the world.

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ERA’s African business and investment conferences have provided a unique opportunity for potential and existing investors to interact with the highest level of economic and financial decision-makers in key African markets. In addition, conference delegates gain practical user-friendly insights from experienced businessmen in these challenging areas. ERA’s conferences bring African business opportunities to your doorstep.

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To see what’s happening and when our seminars are on.

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